Dota 2: Rubick Arcana, new Winter game mode 'Frosthaven' released | FOX Sports Asia

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  What could very well be the last update for Dota 2 this year has gone live, bringing with it the much-anticipated Arcana for Rubick, the Magus Cypher, along with a new game mode called ‘Frosthaven.’

  Rubick’s Arcana unlocks new visual effects whenever he uses spells acquired from an opponent with his ultimate ability ‘Spell Steal.’ Those visuals effects are applied for 115 stolen abilities and also features a style progression system. The Arcana also has custom dynamic color effects on the cape that change depending on the hero Rubick steals spells from.

  The Arcana will also give Rubick a new base model, textures, and a custom animated pedestal, along with a set of new animations for the hero and a new visual and sound effect for Spell Steal.

  The Arcana is also compatible with the Crux of Perplex Immortal Item for Rubick, which will follow its dynamic color effects.

  Check out this video by DotaCinema that showcases the Rubick Arcana:

  Also included in the update is the Frosthaven game mode, where players defend against a continuous wave of enemies beckoned by a Rubick high off the power of his new Arcana item, or so the lore for it goes.

  Each match of Frosthaven will award players with points, depending on how many waves they survived, that can then be exchanged for rewards. Chief among these is the Immortal Gingerbread Baby Roshan courier, described as “indescribably-rare—and devilishly adorable.”

  For more information on the update, check out Dota 2 developer Valve’s official blog post.