How to Get Feedback from the Design Community Relating To Your Design Ideas and Concepts

If you are a designer then you can build yourself a lot by being able to network with other designers, asking them for feedback on your designs. You can use a lot of online resources in order to network and connect with others that have knowledge in your field. This article contains a few vital tips to being able to meet with them when surfing the web.

Forums- If you join online forums where designers hang out like Sitepoint and Digital Point you will be able to engage with people and get feedback from them about your work. Other useful sites like 99 designs and warrior are also useful places. A lot of designers looking to get a foothold on the ladder actually sell their work at discounted prices on forums and get feedback from creating designs there.

Linked In- This is a great resource to join up at, you are able to create your online CV, gain references from clients and of course engage in active groups that specialise in your field. There are a lot of useful groups that are currently active for designers on the site, and it is also a great way to put yourself out there. Offline activities- a lot of artists meet up and if you have a web design group in your area it is well worth joining and attending meetings and events that are taking place. The bee all and end all in all trades is to network, connect and take feedback that can help you to improve. Never take it to heart if someone suggests that you can better your work and offers light criticism. The best and most successful designers out there have taken criticism with a pinch of salt.